#12  Otter On The Floor Mild Ale
7 lb Maris Otter malt
3/4 lb Crystal 60L malt
1/2 lb Wheat malt
1/2 lb Caramunich malt
2 oz Chocolate malt
1 oz Fuggles Hops (5.4%AA)(90 min)
1 oz Fuggles Hops (5.4%AA)(5 min)
1 vial WLP002 English Ale yeast
- Single infusion mash, 155F for 75 minutes.
- Sparge with 175F water to 7 gallons.
- Bring wort to a boil; add 1 oz hops.  (Total boil time: 90 minutes)
- After 85 minutes, add remaining hops.  (5 minutes to go)
- After 5 minutes (90 minutes total), remove from heat.
- Force cool; pitch 1 gallon starter of yeast.
- Brewed 1 October 2005.  SG: 1.052
- Racked 7 October.  SG: 1.012.  
Topped with ~1/2 gallon of small beer.
Note to self:  Careful with hopping small
- Kegged 20 October.  Force
carbonating at 40F with 7 PSI.
- Removed from chill-chest on 26
October.  Continuing carbonation at
65F, 17 PSI.
- Tapped 30 October.  Decent; a bit
harsh yet (probaby from the Cascades
in the small beer, some may be from the
Chocolate malt)--a week or so will
probably do wonders.
- 5 November: The hops are mellowing
nicely.  This is turning into a lovely ale!
- Boil second runnings from grains (~2 gallons), reserve to top up beer when racking.
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