#13  Lucky Black Dog Stout
3.3 lb Briess Golden Liquid Malt Extract
2 lb Munton's Amber Dry Malt Extract
3/4 lb Roasted Barley
1/4 lb Crystal 60L Malt
1/4 lb Flaked Barley
3 oz Acidulated Malt
1 oz Perle Hops (5.8%AA)(60 min)
1 oz E.K. Goldings Hops (6.6%AA)(60 min)
1 tsp Irish Moss
1 vial WLP004 Irish Ale yeast
- Brewed 5 November 2005.  OG: not taken; predicted 1.051.
-  Racked to secondary on 9 November 2005.  Some thoughts for
next time:
:Use a "cleaner" yeast.  Maybe East Coast Ale?  California Ale?
:Use a bit more roast barley--I like my stouts
:Use more acidulated malt--I'm not sure the 3oz had a noticeable
:Perhaps add some rye and/or melanoidin.
:Stick with all Goldings (or all Fuggles) hops.
- Racked to keg, 21 November 2005, carbonating.  FG: about
1.015.  I'm still thinking a cleaner yeast would be beneficial;
there's a bit of "banana" to this.  I should have put this in the
chill-chest for temp control during primary.  A touch more roast
barley, a tad more flaked barley, and a touch of rye.  Yum...
- Tapped 27 November 2005.  A little "banana" left still; color is
good, but could be darker; lacks a little in body.  Maybe some
oatmeal next time?  Also, a bit on the sweet side--definitely
change the yeast.  All in all, though, can't complain.
- Tasting notes, 3 December:  Yep; this needs to be darker.  It's
also thin.  I'm thinking a dash of oatmeal, maybe some
melanoidin, and a touch more roast barley and some black patent.
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- Steep crushed grains in 2 gallons 150F water for 20 minutes.
- Strain liquid into brewpot.  Sparge grains with 1 gallon 150F water.
- Top brewpot to 3 gallons, bring to a boil.
- Remove from heat.  Add extracts, stirring to dissolve; return to rolling boil.
- Add all hops.  After 45 minutes, add Irish Moss.
- After 1 hour total boil, remove from heat.  Strain out hops.
- Add cold water to 5 gallons.  Rack to fermenter.  When wort
reaches pitchable temperature, pitch yeast.
- Primary 4-5 days.  Secondary ~2 weeks.  Prime with 1.25 cup
DME and bottle/keg.