#14  Russian Red Ale, Mk2
8.5 lb Pale 2-row Male
3 lb Rye Malt
1 lb Melanoidin Malt
1 lb Crystal 120L Malt
1 oz Centennial Hops (9.6%AA)(30 min)
2 oz Willamette Hops (4.4%AA)(5 min)
1 oz Saaz Hops (4.3%AA)(steep 10 min)
1 vial WLP002 California Ale yeast (1/2 gallon
- Strike crushed grains to 3 gallons 165F water (target temp 155F) for 60 minutes.
- Sparge grains with 175F water to 6.5 gallons wort.
- Bring to a boil.  Add Centennial hops.
- After 25 minutes, add Willamette hops (5 minutes to go).
- After 30 minutes total boil, remove from heat and add Saaz hops.
- After 10 minutes, strain out hops and allow wort to cool..
- Brewed 3 December 2005.  OG: not taken;
predicted 1.055.  I meant to use Irish Moss in
the boil, but forgot; I'll have to hit it with some
Polyclar when I rack.
- Racked to secondary (with Polyclar) 9
December 2005.
- Kegged 4 January 2006.  SG: 1.010.  
Pressurizing with 15 PSI at basement temp
- Tapped 13 January 2006.  I need to hit this
with a bit more pressure; I think next time I'll
bump the base malt back down to 8#, maybe
add another 1/4# of Melanoidin, and possibly
bring back the roast malt...  Still, nice and tasty,
with good, strong hop notes.  Seems to lack a
little backbone, but that may improve with a
touch more age (or with more Melanoidin, next
- Rack to fermenter.  When wort reaches pitchable temperature, pitch yeast starter.
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- Primary 4-5 days.  Secondary ~4 weeks.