#3  White Mead
- Dissolve 1 gallon clover honey in 2 gallons hot water.  Bring to a rolling boil.
- When cool, pitch 1 packet Lalvin EC-1118 yeast.
- When fermentation is complete, rack into secondary with 1oz. Saaz whole
hops (2.5%AA).  Rack off hops after 7 days; fine with gelatin.
- Brewed 21 Feb 2005.
- Racked onto Saaz: 28 Feb 2005.
- Racked off Saaz: 4 Mar 2005.
- Bottled: 29 May 2005.
- Pennsic XXXIV (August 2005): Next time, go more
lightly with the hops, or allow to age and mellow.  
Keep out of the light or it'll skunk!
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- Add 2oz. Hallertauer leaf hops (4.2%AA) to the liquid.  Boil 45 minutes.
- At the 35 minute mark, add 1oz. Fuggle leaf hops (4.4%AA).
- Rack to fermenter, straining out hops.  Add cool water to 5 gallons.