#7  Continental Pseudo-Pilsner
3.3 lb Munton & Fison's Light Liquid Malt Extract
2 lb Plain Light Dry Malt Extract
1 lb Carapils Malt
1 oz Perle Hop pellets (6.6% AA)(50 min)
1 oz Saaz  Hop pellets (5% AA)(5 min)
1 pkt Nottingham dry yeast
- Steep crushed grains in 2 gallons water.  Gradually heat water to 168F.
- Remove grains.  Bring wort to rolling boil.
- Add malt extracts (off heat), return to boil.  (60 minute total boil)
- Add Perle hops after 10 minutes (50 minutes to go).
- Add Saaz hops after 55 minutes (5 minutes to go).
- Rack to fermenter with cold water to 5 gallons..
- Brewed 2 July 2005.  OG: not taken.
- Bottled 11 July 2005.  (Primed with
3/4 cup corn sugar)
- Tried August 2005 (at Pennsic
XXXIV).   There's a truly bad
off-flavor here.  Tastes somewhat like
hose-water.  Must have been bad water
coming through the local supply on
brew-day (odd, because I did batch #8
on the same day, and it didn't have this
problem).  Will have to try this again
some time, with more control over the
water quality.
- When wort reaches pitchable temperature, pitch yeast.
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