#16  Pilsner, Mk2
8 lb Pilsener Malt
.25 lb Acid Malt
.5 oz Saaz Hops (4%AA)(75 min)
1 oz Saaz Hops (60 min)
1.25 oz Saaz Hops (20 min)
1 oz Saaz Hops (2 min)
1/4 Tsp Irish Moss (15 min)
1 capsule Servomyces (15 min)
1 qt WLP800 starter
- Strike crushed grains with 8 Qts 140F water (target temp 133F) for 30 minutes.
- Sparge with 170F water to 6 gallons.
- Boil 75 minutes, hopping as indicated.
- Chill wort, pitch yeast.
- Primary 1 week at 55F, secondary 3-6 weeks at 35-45F.
- Brewed 21 January 2006.  OG: 1.039.  The
color looks good, but I had hoped for a
somewhat higher gravity.  I suppose I'll have
to chalk this up to inexperience, and work on
my efficiency (about 64%).
- Racked to secondary 29 January 2006.  
SG: 1.012.  Color is good, smell is OK, with
a bit of diacetyl, and gravity sample tasted a
little of diacetyl.  Will let this go at room
temp for a couple of days.
- Ended diacetyl rest 1 February, moved
back to lagering fridge.  Clearing nicely, and
the smell is much improved.  Lowering the
temp, little by little.
- Kegged 12 February.  Smell is good, color
is "screamin' yellow."  Body is a bit
light--maybe some Munich or Vienna malt
next time, or rest at a lower temp.
- Tapped 11 March.  Clear, crisp--very nice.  
Body is OK, but it's a bit on the bitter side--it
needs some more malt "oomph."  I'll have to
try this again without the acid malt...
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- Add 4 qts boiling water.  Hold 155F for 1 hour.