#46  Purple Pale Ale
8 lbs Pale 2-row Malt
15oz Forbidden Rice
.5oz Target Hop Pellets (10%AA) (60 min)
.75oz Northern Brewer Hop Pellets (7%AA) (15 min)
1 Servomyces tablet (10 min)
1oz Challenter Hop Pellets (7.5%AA) (5 min)
1 vial WLP-810 San Francisco Lager Yeast
1 pint California Ale Yeast slurry (from L-G Wiezen)
- Brewed 28 April 2007.  SG: 1.046 (72% efficiency).
- Forbidden Rice is a specialty rice, purple in color.  Its boil
was a deep burgundy color, and it turned the mash an
interesting pink.  The wort was deep red, then turned brown
through the boil.  (The hop pellets may have had something
to do with this.)  It'll be interesting to see what its color
comes out as.
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- Strike grains with 10 quarts 130F water; hold 122F for 30 minutes.
- Add 6 quarts boiling water, plus rice and its water, to mash.  Hold 154F for 1 hour.
- Sparge to total volume of 7.5 gallons.  Boil 1 hour.
- Boil rice for approx. 30 minutes to gelatinize starch.
- Hop per the above schedule, adding Servomyces with 10 minutes to go.
- Force chill wort, then pitch yeast.
- Ferment 1 week at 65F, then secondary 4-5 weeks at 45-55F.