#54  Harrison's Wife's Ale
10 lbs 2 oz  Pale 2-row Malt
1 lb Wheat
.5 lb Oats
1 oz First Gold Hops (8%AA)(1 oz @60 min)
.75 oz First Gold Hops (8%AA)(.75 oz @30 min)
1 whirlfloc tablet (10 minutes)
2 pkts Nottingham dry yeast
- Brewed 18 January 2008.  Original recipe calls for 2
worts boiled separately, then combined.  Due to
stickiness of oats, I changed this on the fly; added all
the indicated liquid at once, plus 3 extra gallons to help
run-off, and boiled it as 1 'batch' of wort.
- 27 January 2008: Tasted, prior to racking/bottling.  I
need to go back over this recipe--the 'boiling water'
extracted tannins like crazy from the grains!  Whoa, is
this bitter!  Undrinkable, so, regrettably, dumped.  I'll
try this again with "seething" (not boiling) water...
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- Drain wort from grains; strike with 2nd batch of water.
- Strike crushed grains with 4 gallons boiling water.  Bring 4 more gallons to a boil..
- After about 60 minutes, drain second wort.
- Boil combined worts one hour, hopping as indicated.
- Allow wort to cool, then pitch yeast.