#56  Harrison's Wife's Ale, Again
5 lb 1oz Maris Otter Malt (some toasted; see below)
.5 lb Wheat Malt
.25 lb Oats, toasted
1 oz Kent Goldings pellet hops (5%AA)
2 packets Nottingham dry yeast
- Brewed 9 February 2008.  OG 1.074; efficiency
~78%.  Overall yield approx. 2.5 gallons.
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- Crush grains.  Add 2.5 gallons of "almost seething" water.  Hold 154F for 1 hour.
- Toast 2# of the Maris Otter in 350F oven for 10 minutes.  Toast 1/2# for 15 minutes.  
Toast the oats for 10 minutes.
- Drain wort; add 2.5 gallons "almost seething" water to mash; hold ~158F for 1 hour.
- Boil first runnings 1 hour, adding .5oz of the hops at start of boil.  Set this wort aside & reserve.
- Boil 2nd runnings as 1st, with .5oz of the hops.  Combine worts.
- Allow wort to cool, then pitch yeast.