#57  Evil Bob's Amber Ale
9 lbs Maris Otter Malt
1 lb Munich Malt
.75 lb Crystal 40L
.5 lb Crystal 120L
.5 lb Victory Malt
.6 oz Nugget Hop Pellets (13%AA) (60 min)
.5 oz Amarillo Hop Pellets (8%AA) (10 min)
.5 oz Amarillo Hop Pellets (8%AA) (Flameout)
2 vials WLP-001 California Ale Yeast
- Brewed 9 February 2008.  OG 1.049, 66% efficiency.  Would
have bee better, but I lost a lot of volume in a boilover, and made
up with water, diluting things.  Still, only 3 gravity points off
predicted, so not bad.
- Bottled 30 June 2008.  FG 1.011, 5% alcohol v/v.  All things
considered, this tastes like one of the best things I've ever brewed.  
I will
definitely have to do this one again for myself.
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- Strike grains with 18 quarts 168F water; hold 154F for 1 hour.
- Sparge to 7 gallons.
- Boil 1 hour, hopping as indicated above.
- Chill wort, pitch yeast.