#70  Hornet Sting Foxglove Pyment
1 gal (12 lbs) Foxglove Honey
1 can (4 lbs) Alexander's Pinot Chardonnay Extract
3 tsp yeast nutrient
2 packets Lalvin RC212 Bourgovin Yeast
- Brewed 10 August 2008.  OG: 1.125   The name derives from
the honey varietal, plus the fact that I killed several hornets (a
neighbor's yard has a nest of them) during the brewing of this.
- Racked 21 September.  The taste is very wine-like; I suppose
that's to be expected, though.
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- Mix honey and grape extract with warm water to 5.75 gallons.
- Chill must, pitch yeast.