#71  Hanna's 70/- Scottish Ale
8.5 lbs Golden Promise Pale 2-row malt
3 oz Black malt
.75 oz Kent Goldings Hop Pellets (5%AA)(60 min)
1 vial WLP-028 Edinburgh Yeast
- Brewed 6 September 2008.  OG: 1.038 (70% efficiency).  
First use of new mash tun and manifold; probably explains the
lower-than-normal efficiency.  Named for the remnants of
Hurricane Hanna, which came through town during the brew
day, and made for an interesting time.
- Kegged 21 September 2008.
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- Strike with 13 quarts 170F water.  Hold 158F for 1 hour.
- Prior to sparge, grind black malt to a fine powder and add to mash.
- Sparge to 7 gallons.  (Stop after 1st gallon of wort is collected; boil this until reduced by half)
- Boil 60 minutes, hopping per schedule.
- Chill wort, pitch yeast.