#80  SMaSH French Pale Ale
12 lbs Pilsner Malt
.5 oz Nugget pellet hops (13.7%AA)(60 min)
1/2 gallon starter WLP-072 French Ale Yeast
- Strike crushed grains with 21 quarts 140F water.  Hold 130F for 30 minutes.
- Add 11 quarts boiling water.  Hold 155F for 1 hour.
- Sparge to 7.5 gallons; lightly caramelize 1st runnings during sparge.
- Boil 65 minutes, hopping as indicated.
- Chill wort, then pitch yeast.
- Brewed 22 February 2009.  OG: 1.058 (78% eff)
Initial run with the new sparge arm; works well.  Need
to get a better 'seal' between the 'in' hose and the
sparge fitting, but some teflon tape will help.
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