#85  Kitchen Sink Amber Ale
8 lbs Pale 2-row Malt
3.25 lbs CaraPils Malt
13.5 oz CaraMunich Malt
10 oz Wheat Malt
4 oz Pale Chocolate Malt
2 oz Special Roast Malt
20g Nugget pellet hops (13.7%AA)(60 min)
20g Amarillo pellet hops (8%AA)(20 min)
12g Amarillo pellet hops (8%AA)(flameout)
1 tsp Irish Moss (10 min)
1 liter starter WLP-072 French Ale Yeast
- Strike crushed grains with 17 quarts 129F water.  Hold 120F for 30 minutes.
- Add 11 quarts boiling water.  Hold 151F for 1 hour.
- Sparge to 6.8 gallons.
- Boil 1 hour, hopping per schedule.
- Brewed 11 July 2009.  OG: 1.060 (79% eff)  
This is going to be copper-red to brown.
- Kegged 14 Nov 2009.  A bit harsh in the hops,
maybe somewhat over-roasty.  Curious what CO2
does to it.
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- Chill wort, pitch yeast.