#92  English ESB
12 lbs British Pale 2-row Malt
.5 lb Crystal 20L Malt
.25 lb Crystal 120L Malt
57g East Kent Golding pellet hops (4.5%AA) (60 min)
28g East Kent Golding pellet hops (4.5%AA) (flameout)
1 tsp Irish Moss (10 min)
1.4L starter WLP-007 Dry English Ale Yeast
- Brewed 28 February 2010.  OG: 1.059 (~74% efficiency;
maybe a thinner mash?)  Part of the low gravity was
probably due to an insufficiently mixed/"clumpy" mash.
- Accidentally over-heated a little: 85F for 2 days (I set the
heating pad too high).  Will re-do this, keeping the temp
"normal" ~65F.  (Returned this one to 65F on 2 March; we'll
see what it does.)
- Racked to keg on 13 March.  FG: 1.008; ~6.75%v/v.  
Finished out a little over-dry, but I guess that figures from the
"turbo" ferment.  Still, nice maltiness, with a firm hop-bitter
backbone.  Quite tasty.
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- Add 11 qts boiling water; hold 152F for 1 hour.
- Add 8 qts boiling water; hold 165F for 10 minutes.
- Sparge to 7.5 gallons.
- Strike with 16 qts 130F water.  Hold 120F for 30 minutes.
- Boil 1 hour, hopping as indicated.
- Chill wort, pitch yeast.