Brewery Photo Log
Here are some photos of my brewery, my "assistants," and a
brew or two.  I'll also be chronicling the construction of my
planned 3-tier setup, as I work on it.  Enjoy!
My back deck.  This is where the
3-tier setup will eventually stand.  For
a variety of reasons, I intend to go with
a gravity-fed system, with a 10-gallon
max capacity.  I haven't decided yet on
using converted kegs (1/2 bbl) or
getting big stainless pots.  I'm thinking
the kegs will be cheaper, long run.
The basement brewing bar, in its
disorganized majesty.  Visible are:  
three of my kegs (currently empty,
unfortunately), my 5# CO2 tank, and
my 2-tap tower (fed from kegs not
visible to the right, through a chill plate
in a dorm-size refrigerator, also not
visible).  Attached to the wall is an
illuminated, calligraphed description of
my Russian Red ale, brewed for
Pennsic XXXIV.
My "equipment room," a severely
modified bathroom in the basement.  
Visible:  my homemade counterflow
chiller (in the lower right); several
1-gallon carboys; a trio of empty apple
juice bottles (now cleaned, sanitized,
and used for bringing "clean" water out
to the back deck for brewing); plastic
containers for holding various
chemicals/additives/adjuncts, and a
horde of various bottles--some empty,
some containing a variety of brews
awaiting their day.
Back to my beer
Back to my
Heating water up the morning of
November 5th.  The planned brew this
time around was a extract-with-grains
Dry Stout.  This is the water for
steeping the grains...
...and here is the post-boil wort.  I've
already taken the hops out (I use
whole hops, and boil them in nylon
bags for this purpose).
And (as should be evident) the primary
ferment was active.  I think I ended up
with something on the order of 4-1/2
gallons of wort, so when I racked, I
topped it up with boiled (and cooled)
water.  For a size reference, the beer is
in a 6-gallon carboy, and my 7-gallon
is behind it.
And I have to brag a bit.  This is a cider I've
done, using apples from a friend's tree and
100% apple juice.  The must started off quite
green, but time has worked wonders.  I haven't
included the recipe on my recipe page, because
there isn't really one to speak of.  Apples and
juice, pectic enzyme, and cider yeast (White
Labs).  This is a bit over a month into its
"lifespan," as it were.  Subsequent to this
picture, I've hit it with some isinglass, and it's
brilliantly clear.  Now, to scrounge enough
bottles for it...
The brewstand, being "broken in" on
its first brew, 10 June 2006.  It's about
7 feet tall, give or take; 3-tier,
gravity-fed.  Eventually, I'll have the
propane plumbed, and some water
plumbed, and my counterflow-chiller
more permanently attached.  I've also
got a water filter I'm going to attach
somehow...  In the meantime, it works
as planned!  Further details available,
you need but email me and I'll be
happy to elucidate.  Further photos as
I get things built.
At my wife's insistence, I've converted this over to a 2-tier, pump-fed system.  I
received the pump late in February 2008.  The conversion was finished
(basically) on 15 March.  The 'Beta Test' was on 16 March; I brewed a
Northern English Brown and an Irish Stout.  Pictures follow.  Enjoy!
This is the new brewstand.  2-tier; the cooler (my mash tun) is
supposed to sit on the top.  The kettle in the center is currently
my HLT; I plan on exchanging it for a larger one in the
relatively near future.  The cooler is sitting where my boil kettle
goes--I miscalculated a crucial hose length, and had to
improvise.  That's one of the main changes I have in mind for
Version 2.0.1.
The pump which is an
integral part of the new
system.  I'm still tweaking
its positioning and figuring
out how exactly it
I also picked up two new burners, and
got new 60psi regulators to power
them.  They eat through the propane
when they're cranked open like this,
but it sure brings the wort to a boil
This is inaugural brew #2, an
Irish Stout.  Well, it
was almost
St. Patrick's Day, after all...