Georgian Recipes from Lochmere's
Winter Revel, January 2010
Notes:  To this day, the Georgians have a primarily oral cooking tradition.  
While poetry and literature were put down in written form, the day-to-day
recipes and "how-to's" were not.  The earliest actual
cooking manuscript I
have been able to locate is from the early 1800's.  With the following recipes,
I have worked from the "cleanest" references I can find, and kept in mind the
trade and agriculture of the period.

Chicken Satsivi
Spice Bread
Spinach Pate
Beets w/Cherry Sauce
Poached Dried Plums
Khachapuri (Cheese Bread)
Fresh Herbs & Cheese
Lobios Pkhali (Bean Salad)
Eggplant Rolls
Khinkali (Pork Dumplings)
Sage & Mint Fritters
Kombosto Pkhali (Cabbage Salad)
Shashlyk (Beef Skewers)
Salmon with Vinegar Sauce
Green Beans with Yogurt Sauce
Walnut Torte