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What's New:  17 June:  Caught up on the 2010 Brews Page, at long last.
23 April:  Added the
brews from the last two Brew Days.
23 March: Added two more brews to the
2010 Brews Page.  Hops news
will be coming soon...
4 March: Added
another brew to the 2010 Brews Page.
7 February: Finished the updates of the various brew pages.  If you're
coming here looking for Russian clothing stuff, those pages have been
taken offline; I hope to have something up regarding them by the end
of the year.  If you've got questions regarding things Russian in the
SCA, please
email me.
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Georgian Feast
2010 Brewing Year
If you've come here looking for Russian Costume info, I've bad
news: those pages have been taken offline.  I hope to have
something back up regarding that come year-end.  If you have
questions regarding Russian things in the SCA, please feel free to
email me.  Thanks!